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  • Brad Gloyeske, D.C.

Video + Graceful Aging

It’s been a little while since we sent out a short video on useful exercises you can implement daily to mitigate injury risk or rehab a current injury. Today’s topic? The delicate interplay between the low back, hip and knee. One thing to think about with the hip is there are two glute muscles that support the low back, allow the leg to swing properly, stabilize the pelvis, and for the knee cap to track efficiently. This is why, if you’ve ever been to physical therapy for a low back, hip or knee injury, your prescription likely involved a whole lot of hip strengthening. The exercises in the video below are great for working those hips! With my 31st birthday coming up tomorrow (at the time of this writing) and Dr. Mandy’s 32nd birthday (yes, she’s older than me), it has me thinking about something...PREVENTION. Namely prevention of major orthopedic injury and degeneration. It seems most think this is genetic and we can do nothing to slow the process. This is very far from the truth. It’s clear what you do with your nutrition and exercise habits can hugely impact the way you age. We now have a beautiful, 2 year old princess running around. With that, as many of you may attest, comes very awkward positions, playing on the floor, getting up off the floor, juggling getting in and out of the car, etc. You can see where I’m going with this. There are a LOT of vulnerable positions we can get ourselves into. Having a strong foundation through the hips and core is crucial for staying resilient. Some may think I’m obsessed or crazy for thinking about these things at the young, ripe age of 31. But I’d much rather do what I can NOW so I can do what I want LATER! As one of my idols, Dr. Peter Attia, puts it, “Be the most kick ass 100-year old on the planet.” Pardon the French. In addition to being stable and strong, it’s important to have mobility where we need it. That’s where the chiropractic adjustment obviously comes in. So be sure to make that spine of yours a priority. It’s the only one ya get!

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