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  • Brad Gloyeske, D.C.

May: Mental Health Awareness

May marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness month. While this may be a fantastic time to recognize the importance and growing number of issues around this topic, I do feel that this is something that needs more CONSTANT attention. One thing we always try to remember when seeing patients or talking to folks in general, may sound cliche, but is worth noting: Everyone is fighting a battle internally that you know nothing about, even those closest to you. Everyone has a different way of coping.

There are countless people that suffer inside their own minds every day, while looking completely happy and content on the outside. This can be one of the greatest sources of suffering there is. Because what exactly is the anecdote? So many turn to reliance on a substance, which may be fine in moderation depending on the substance and how often that substance is used, but what about when people start turning to more dangerous remedies? Worse yet, what about when people start abusing those remedies? Everyone’s “modality of coping” is different, some healthy and some not so healthy. Oftentimes, substance abuse occurs. And once substance abuse starts, that’s a juggernaut that can be hard to stop.

However, there are so many avenues one can take to find help. We have several in our own community. The Oxford Coalition is one great resource, and they have put together a pamphlet to help mothers with postpartum depression. You can access that HERE. Another great support group for local moms is A Lighter Shade of Blue. Support for postpartum depression and anxiety is very lacking in today's society, so please feel free to share this with any mothers or soon-to-be mothers that you know. Acupuncture is another amazing avenue to take, and most of you know we recommend it often inside the office. There are certainly ways chiropractic care and functional medicine can aid (NOT cure) in a regimen to improve mental health as well. I like to say regularly...You can get a hit of the “feel good neurotransmitters with a chiropractic adjustment.” Yes, it is true! That’s why we will recommend all day long for anyone suffering to give some consideration to the practitioners inside our office. We are, at the least, a place to start and will LISTEN. Sometimes that is all someone needs. We may not have all the answers, but if we can’t help, we will definitely try to find someone who can. We don’t care how someone gets help...AS LONG AS THEY GET HELP! Please share this with anyone you may feel needs it. You never know who you may help in doing so.

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