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  • Brad Gloyeske, D.C.

CBD + Ketones = ??

I recently had the privilege of attending a low-carb diet event last weekend. Many of the top minds in the space were there to present there research which I wanted to share with you in the event you find it applicable to yourself or someone you know. So what do ketones and cannabidiol (CBD) have in common?

A little background first. What is a ketone? A ketone, in short, is a compound produced by the liver from fatty acids when we have been fasted for a while or are eating very little sugar in the diet. The biggest reason our bodies produce these ketones is so our brain can have a fuel source when sugar is not around. More on this later, but we generally have much more calories available for energy in the form of fat than we do glycogen or sugar.

Ketones and CBD have a lot of common ground with one another. They are both very anti-inflammatory. CBD has been shown to down-regulate inflammation of the BRAIN. Patients have been loving our CBD cream, applying it to the back of the neck and to the site of their pain. For instance, if you have knee pain, apply it to the back of the neck as well as to the knee itself. Back of neck application also works well for headaches, anxiety and insomnia! For why this works and conditions implicated, check out the bottom of THIS ARTICLE!

In today’s modern era, we don’t necessarily have to fast for 3-5 days to glean the benefits of ketones. We can take them orally now with a glass of water. Exogenous ketones have been shown time and again to suppress inflammatory genes, such as NLRP3 Inflammasome in this study. They are also homeostatic (balancing) to brain metabolism. However, the more exciting finding with ketone supplementation is in the neuroscience. For instance, it is pretty well known that conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, epileptic disorders, multiple sclerosis, brain cancers, etc. have abnormal patterns of sugar metabolism, especially as we age. The interesting finding is that the brain, despite broken sugar metabolism, is NOT broken in its ability to take up ketones as a fuel source. This can be from ketones we produce endogenously or that we take supplementally. Now we know why folks can see very quick results with the above conditions. Our brain is, in a way, starved for fuel.

I’ve just partially scratched the surface with the implications here, but it would make logical sense that combining CBD and ketone supplementation is a pretty good idea. And you won’t have to go far to look for them. Search “KetoBrain Energy” and “Gloyeske Naturals CBD Max” in our online store, or pick up a sample in the office.

Hope you gained some interesting insight! As always, we are here to serve your chiropractic and functional medicine needs.

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