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  • Brad Gloyeske, D.C.

Dr. Brad’s Top 5 Current Favorite Supplements

I’ve recently ramped up my training and am running more than I have in 10 years (which I’m very thankful to be able to do). But with that increased training, comes increased injury risk, inflammation, pain and oxidative stress. Below are my top 5 SUPPLEMENTS I’m finding very helpful. If they can help me, I’m sure they can help you. That being said, supplements are meant to SUPPLEMENT a healthy diet and lifestyle. So be sure you’re eating clean and being mindful of the impact your diet, sleep, and stress management has on your quality of life and health span.

The Top Five

1. Curcumin: This is one of the active compounds found in turmeric that is HUGELY anti-inflammatory. From alleviating gut distress to relieving joint pain and inflammation, curcumin has a lot of utility. One of the most interesting articles I’ve recently come across suggests that curcumin can protect against Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD). What? Yep. Curcumin helps your spine. Shameless chiropractic plug. I’ve been using 500 milligrams daily.

2. Resveratrol: Most people know this as the popular antioxidant found in red wine and grapes. There’s been some controversy over the years to its effectiveness, but this is a powerful compound. It’s been shown to be anti-inflammatory and heart protective. And even though I love me some Italian red wine, supplementing is likely a bit healthier in the long run. I’ve been taking 150 milligrams daily. 3. Vitamin D: The sunshine vitamin is a go-to in the winter months, especially if you’re already genetically predisposed to a deficiency. It’s wildly important for your gut health, immunity, and hormone production. Be sure to get your vitamin D3 with a vitamin K source, as these guys work together to take calcium from the gut, to the blood, to the bones. I’d recommend 3000-8000 IU daily depending on your blood levels. 4. CBD: It’s no secret that we love our CBD. I’ve been using both the topical cream in addition to the tincture or the capsules. I have to say that I’ve been loving our capsules. Regardless of tincture or capsule delivery, I’ve found I’ve needed higher dosages of around 100 milligrams due to my activity level. Hopefully you need less! Fantastic for fighting pain and inflammation! 5. Collagen: This the glue that strengthens our ligaments, tendons, bones, fascia, discs and joints together. Without it, our structure can literally start to become weak and fragile. This certainly can lead to injury. Unfortunately, most people do not get collagen in their diets daily. It’s kind of inconvenient to make a whole lot of bone broth. This is where a hydrolyzed powder is very useful. I take 1-2 scoops a day in water, coffee or food.

One missing component of some of these compounds is that some require FAT to be absorbed. Easy solution? Take these with a meal! Hope this serves to benefit you! You can’t go wrong adding these to your regimen to see what results you may get!

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