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  • Brad Gloyeske, D.C.

Experiment + Patient Successes + CBD Workshop

Happy Sunday! I’d like to thank you all for being so patient with the online store. We’re very excited that we have all the kinks worked out and it’s running smoothly now! If you haven’t yet, you can register as a “New Customer” in a few seconds HERE. Use the discount code GLOYESKE20NEW to receive 20% off that first order if you so desire.

I wanted to let you guys in on my most recent experiment that I’ve done the last few months. Mainly, I want to pass on the insight that I was...humbly reminded of. That insight is that gaining back your health is not always a quick fix. Sometimes it hurts, and it seems like every 2 steps forward, you go 1 step back as they say.

Personally, I’ve struggled of late with intermittent bouts of chronic fatigue and gut issues. Why? One can never be sure, but I’d assume it’d have something to do with running a business, having a 2-year old beautiful terror, stress, etc. I’ve done three 5-day water fasts at the end of each of the last three months. (DISCLAIMER: DON’T do that. I’m well-seasoned in this world.) The point of these fasts was to allow my body time to do what it does best. Heal and repair. But the fast isn’t the important part of this letter...It’s being committed to the process, NOT the end goal.

During each of these three fasts, I gotta say it wasn’t always enjoyable. I struggled at times. But, I was committed to the process of feeling better LATER. There is no quick fix. I know the results of many therapies (metabolic, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.) can take some time to see the benefits. I’ve noticed that with each fast, despite not feeling great during, I’ve noticed incremental improvement in how I feel weeks after each one. When you stack all those 2 steps forward, 1 step back scenarios on top of each other...eventually, you’ve taken 100 steps forward and 50 steps back. The picture looks a lot different if you look at the process, rather than how far you are from whatever your goal might be. Like the cliche grandma always says...It might get worse before it gets better.

Chiropractic Success Stories

This week there’s been a number of awesome results! One patient with migraines daily for years, requiring daily medication, are now reduced to the point where no meds are needed. A number of folks reporting better sleep. Several low back and hip cases all doing better. It’s always nice to have some patients coming in for “non-chiropractic” issues as well. Like digestive disturbance and reproductive issues. Sometimes chiropractic can help there by way of simply improving communication between brain, spine and body. The body is a SYSTEM. We have to treat it that way. CBD 101 Workshop I will be holding a CBD workshop at Root Yoga on Sunday, October 20 at 5 PM. This event is FREE! Seating will likely be limited, so RSVP to hold a spot. Register HERE! Would love to see you all there.

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