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  • Dr. Brad Gloyeske

Dr. Brad's 7 Day Fast

Ketosis and fasting have been part of ancient cultures for thousands of years. It is my firm belief that most of the chronic disease epidemic we are facing today is because we have lost touch with our ancestral roots. There are so many people struggling with obesity and weight loss resistance, hormone problems, diabetes, autoimmune disease, cognitive impairment and memory issues, cancer, and so much more. We have constant access to food 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We were not meant to live this way. Fasting and ketosis serve as a “reset” switch for the cellular metabolism of the body and, most importantly, the brain. So please check out my journey. It is meant to inspire and educate on the many benefits of fasting and ketosis!

If you’d like more information about fasting and metabolic healing, please check our online programs.

Ketosis Introduction:

Day 1 of Dr. Brad’s Fast

Day 2 of Dr. Brad’s Fast

Day 3 of Dr. Brad’s Fast

Day 4 of Dr. Brad’s Fast

Day 5 of Dr. Brad’s Fast

Day 6 of Dr. Brad’s Fast

Day 7: Breaking the Fast

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