• Mandy Gloyeske, D.C.

Our Thoughts on the Coronavirus

Greetings! In light of recent events with the COVID-19 and what is happening at Miami University, we wanted to share an update: our doors will remain open and we will continue to see patients for the foreseeable future.

We DO ask if you have active sickness going on (fever, stomach bug, upper respiratory infection, etc.), please stay home until you are feeling better. Normally, we encourage people to come in and get adjusted when sick, as long as they are not contagious, but we do not want to spread sickness in light of current events. We want to do our part to help the community remain healthy. Please be mindful of washing your hands and practice good hygiene when you are at the office!

A healthy immune system is your best bet for fighting off any sickness. Here are some tips:

  • Practice good hygiene including hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and not touching your face. This should be common sense, but it's always good to be reminded about it during this time!

  • Focus on eating whole, fresh foods and reduce or eliminate processed foods and sugar. Sugar and processed foods drive up inflammation in the body. An inflamed body is more likely to get sick and stay sick.

  • Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, elderberry, and turmeric are great things to add to your daily routine (and your kids!) to boost a healthy immune system.

We are happy to provide supplementation advice and more immune boosting tips if you or your family are fighting sickness, so please feel free to email us if you have specific questions.

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